Sample Compensation Statements

$2 Total Compensation Statement With Customizable Headings

This is one of our most popular layouts. You can choose from the option of having the statement say Your Total Rewards Statement or Your Total Compensation Statement when you checkout. It provides exceptional flexibility by allowing you to customize all of the table headings.

To get started creating your this version, download the following spreadsheet to show both Employer and Employee Contributions. save_altSpreadsheet

Download the following spreadsheet to show only Employer Contributions. save_altSpreadsheet

Click an image to download a PDF containing 2 sample statements.




Helpful Tips

All of our spreadsheets have two worksheet tabs at the bottom for a Standard Data worksheet and a Personalized Data worksheet.

Do not delete any rows from the Standard Data worksheet or any columns from the Personalized Data worksheet.

On this version, you will use the Standard Data worksheet for entering more than just the date on the statement and disclaimer. You can enter any additonal benefits that you offer to show up in the bulleted list at the bottom of the statement in rows 14 through 23 in column B. These are usually benefits that you don't attribute a specific value to. Enter all of the table headings as you want them to appear on the Standard Data worksheet in rows 27 through 62 column B. Column A shows where the column is on our Personalized Data page and tells our statement generator what to match the title in column B with. In rows 65 through 67, you can customize the names of the time off that you offer.