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Working with Dollar Compensation Statements

We encourage you to preview your statements using our online statement generator. Many large groups choose to have us run the statements rather than using the online system because of their system constraints. Either option is secure.

Why Use Dollar Compensation Statements?

  • Our proprietary technology allows us to produce high-quality, low-cost Total Compensation Statements. Our clients save as much as 40% off our competitors' prices for print-ready or printed and mailed statements.
  • Our Total Compensation Statements deliver targeted messages to your workforce. Show your employees:
    • How much 401(k) contributions grow over time
    • The value of having a Health Savings Account
    • The benefits that they and their dependents have as a result of being your employee
    • How much you contribute to health, dental, disability and other benefits

Targeted, Personalized Communications Have Power

The impact of targeted messages delivered through personalized communications can be staggering. In fact, a year-over-year analysis by Aon Consulting found that the number of employees who were on track to retire at age 65 rose 5% if they were receiving a total reward statement with a focus on retirement-planning education.

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Need customizations?

Most customizations to existing layouts can be done for a small fee typically ranging from $100-$500.

If you prefer, we can create a completely branded layout to your specifications. Once we create your layout or make your customizations, we manually run your statements for a small fee in addition to the per statement charge. You only pay for customizations once. Next year, you can use the same layout without paying for the customizations again.

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