Make Sure Your Employees Know The Full Value Of Their Compensation Package

Dollar Compensation Statements makes it easier to communicate information about total rewards, including pay, incentives, perks, benefits, and more, by providing:

  • Visually Engaging Compensation Statements
  • Statements for $1 to $3 Per Print-Ready Statement
  • No Minimum Quantity Requirement
  • A Simple Pay As You Go Process With No Setup Charge

Whether you have 10 employees or 20,000, we have a cost-effective total compensation statements solution for you.

Watch Our Video Tutorial

Watch this video to learn more about how to use our cloud-based statement generator.

For Small Groups

Our cloud-based statement generator creates print-ready PDFs of your statements in seconds. This is our most cost effective option and has the fastest turnaround. We are available to support you by phone or email.

  • Brand your statements
  • No Risk – Free previews
  • User-Friendly – Run one statement or 500 statements
  • No Minimum and no setup fees

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For Large Groups

Our cloud-based statement generator is a great option for the quickest turnaround or create a customized statement. Our statement generator is always a great place to start and share samples with your stakeholders. If you have more than 700 employees or want to build a custom statement, contact us for a solution personalized for your needs. We also offer printing and mailing services.

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Total Compensation Statements

NEW Salary Projection Statement For Recruiting

Clients have been asking for a statement they can present with offer letters and we finally have a great option available.

  • Projects First-Year Total Compensation
  • Includes Pay And Benefits
  • Highlights Signing Incentives

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