How Do I Get Started?

How do I get statements for $1 to $3 per statement?

Use our Online Statement Generator to produce your print-ready Total Compensation Statements.

Run a free trial

Download a spreadsheet and give our system a try. The process is simple.


Choose the layout you like and download the corresponding Excel spreadsheet to your desktop.

We have several different layouts designed by professional communicators to meet your needs.
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Paste your employee data into our spreadsheet.

You will find two worksheets on each spreadsheet, one for standard data that includes basic plan or company information, and the other for personalized, employee-specific data. Please do not change the format of the data in the columns or add or delete columns in the spreadsheet. To perform calculations use the empty columns at the end of the spreadsheet or paste the values in from other spreadsheets.


Upload your spreadsheet, company logo, and letter to employees for a FREE preview of your statements.

If you see an error, go back and change your spreadsheet and upload it again. If you change your mind about the layout or want to try different ones, you can move your data to a different spreadsheet, choose a different layout and start over.
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