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Total Compensation Statements can support your CDHC goals

  • As we incent employees to take greater responsibility for health and wellness we need to take advantage of every opportunity to engage our workforce in discussions about health, wellness and the benefits we offer.

    Consumer Driven Health Plans strive to make benefit costs transparent. Total Compensation Statements provide employees with a complete look at their health care costs and help them to become more informed and engaged consumers. No matter where your health plan is on the consumer-driven spectrum, Total Compensation Statements can help you to reinforce your benefit goals.

    Frequent communications help deliver your message. As the employer, you provide a variety of programs and your employees have the opportunity to make choices that effect their health and wealth. You need to promote the value of your Health Savings Plans, wellness programs, and Flexible Spending Accounts as well as encourage employees to take advantage of them. Plan design changes that motivate employees to make lifestyle improvements and use health care resources responsibly should be promoted as making good sense for healthy living, but also for providing a valuable benefit. Use Total Compensation Statements to help your employees make better decisions and increase their appreciation of the Total Compensation Package that you provide.