Online Statement Generator

About Our Online Statement Generator

Our process is so easy that you can create professional looking, branded, print-ready, Total Compensation Statements yourself for as little as $1 per statement.

Self-Service Statement Generator

  • No Risk – Preview your statements before you pay
  • User-Friendly – Try it, make changes and try it again
  • No Minimum and no setup fees
  • Brand it with your logo and letter to employees
  • Statements are ready in minutes

Our Process is as Easy as 1-2-3!


Choose your statement

Save the corresponding Excel Spreadsheet on your desktop. Paste your employee data onto the Spreadsheet – do not add or delete cells or change cell formats.
View Samples and Download Spreadsheet


Upload your Spreadsheet, Company Logo, and letter to employees to our web-based Total Compensation Statement Generator

Click here to upload your data and preview your statements for FREE. Go back and make changes to your spreadsheet if you see errors.


Make Payment with Credit Card

When it’s right, pay with a credit card and print the final statements on your own printer.

Online Statement Generator